3 bros share a a girl on a quad in my buddy's back yard after a party
A few months back I had a series of parties for some buds of mine who were leaving for Iraq. They were given a long weekend, a 96, so named because they had 4 straight days—96 hours—off. We partied hard every day and on the last day we wanted to see how far we could take it by having a naked party. My one regret is there's no ot... continued
Shane is one of the mosopular Active Duty models etc etc blah blah blah
ActiveDuty.com models Kaden, Levi and Payne all tag team Levi's girlfriend.

Apparently it's been her wish for some time to see her man Levi with another guy and she gets her wish in spades when hot muscled Kaden, an Active Duty favorite, goes down on him not once but twice.

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