What's SemperFuck all about?

SemperFuck is for people, both guys and girls, who want to see hot straight marines fucking, but don't want to see them go gay. These guys are straight and they love pussy...the camera captures these hard-bodied young alpha-males at the peak of their sexual performances. Marines like to be looked at...they don't spend all day at the gym for nothing...and a lot of them really like getting taped when they fuck. And they know how to pound the fuck out of some pussy.

Don't get me wrong, though...I know it's the guys you're here to see. Cock, balls, ass, abs, barrel chest and the hard, square jaw and buzz-cut hair of a real jarhead who's been to Iraq several times and is horny as fuck to fuck a horny bitch. Their wives, their girlfriends, the barracks whore who goes from room to room 'cause she can't get enough cock...you'll see these guys fuck them all but with the girl mostly edited out.

The other thing is, I don't like produced porn and fake situations with hired models mechanically going at it. Since most of the people you see on this site are friends of mine, my videos have a more 'natural' feel to them. These are often real situations that I was lucky (read: prepared) enough to have a camera for.

Where do you get the guys?

Most of the guys you see on this site are either bros of mine or friends of bros. I live near a base and I'm well known for being the guy who shoots porn, all I have to do is come up with a girl and nature does the rest.
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