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Welcome to SemperFuck.com, where you'll get to see the finest men this country has to offer fucking the living shit out of some hot girls. Marines are born to fuck and they love to have sex on camera.
Gangbang Part 2
Gangbang Part 2 30min, 11/9/10
Gangbang Part 1
Gangbang Part 1 31min, 11/2/10
Party Fuck Part 2
Party Fuck Part 2 26min, 10/26/10
Party Fuck Part 1
Party Fuck Part 1 25min, 6/4/10
Desert Fuck
Desert Fuck 59min, 8/17/09
Striptease 36min, 8/1/09
Motel Fuck Part Two
Motel Fuck Part Two 45min, 7/4/09
Motel Fuck Part One
Motel Fuck Part One 46min, 6/19/09
Quad Fuck
Quad Fuck 40min, 6/7/09
Naked Party
Naked Party 34min, 5/22/09
Couch Fuck
Couch Fuck 45min, 3/27/09
Jock on Leave
Jock on Leave 59min, 3/13/09
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