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Who do I contact for help?

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What types of videos are offered?

I recently re-encoded almost all of my movies for larger size and higher quality. There's 3 sizes:
  • Large: 864 by 468, 2Mb/s (best for broadband connections)
  • Medium: 320 by 270, 800k/s (a good compromise)
  • Small: 320 bt 270, 300k/s (same screen size, but half the file size, best for slow connections)

For a very few of them I was unable to find the original video to re-encode it

Can I download them for later?

To download a video to your computer, simply right-click (Windows) or Ctrl-Click (Mac) and choose to save the file to your harddrive.
A note about Digital Rights Management (DRM): These videos do not have electronic rights protection. You can download and play them on any computer, from now until forever.

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XXX Pay-Per-View Theater

I provide this pay-per-view theater as a service to my customers. It's actually run by, the #1 provider of video on demand in the world. You do not need to be a member of SemperFuck to watch movies in the XXX pay-per-view theater. If you have any issues with the theater, please contact AEBN directly and they'll be able to help you.

How do I use the theater?

For more help using the theater, please visit the comprehensive PPV Theater help pages.


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