Video formats and Compatibility

  • Streaming and downloadable movies

    You can download every movie, and you can stream most movies. Streaming is where you can watch the movie online, but you can skip ahead in the movie without waiting for it to download. When you download a movie you keep a digital copy on your hard drive. My movies do not have DRM (digital rights management) and every movie you download you can keep and watch whenever you want.

    These movies are offered in high-quality MP4 format, in 3 sizes: Large (2Mbs), Medium (800Kbs), and Small (300Kbs).

    Every week a different movie is offered in full 1920x1080HD. It will either be a brand new video, or a classic movie from the Archives available in full HD for the first time. Only the current movie of the week is offered in full HD. There is no streaming option for HD, only download. However, clicking on the link on your mobile device will play the movie and you can AirPlay/Cast the movie to your TV. More Info

    I use the JWPlayer module to stream the movies online, which is broadly compatible across many platforms. It uses Flash or HTML5 to play the movie, depending on which is more appropriate. Between the two JWPlayer is compatible with all of the most modern browsers. I always recommend that everyone should update to the latest browser for the highest compatibility. The preview videos use the same player, so if you can view the preview videos with no problems, you'll be able to watch the movies just fine.

  • iOS and Android

    You can watch SemperFuck movies on your iOS or Android phone or tablet, and stream them to your TV using AirPLay or Casting.
  • Member's Only Videos

    One of the best features of SemperFuck, I think, is that almost all of the videos have 2-minute free previews. However sometimes I have to make a video "Members Only", because it's too risky to have one or more of the Marines in the video visible on the open internet, in case their buddies or command runs across it. These are usually taken off 'classified' status when the guy gets out. There is no restriction on these videos for members.
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