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Lee and Jessie

Remember a few weeks ago when we met that girl Jessie at our hotel party in LA? Well it turns out she had just as good a time as we did. In fact, she really wanted to hang out with is again, so I invited her to take a roadtrip this time and to my surprise she said "Hell yeah!" What a cool chick.

When I woke up the next morning it tuned out Lee and Jessie had decided to sleep outdoors in the bed of his truck. Jessie starts Mike off right with a blowjob and you can just tell by the look on his face how awesome it is, you'll feel almost like you're getting a wet hummer yourself as you watch her mouth stretch around his huge cock and start bobbing up and dowm.

Unfortunately someone came by on a quad so we had to go inside, and finished fucking her on my dining room table.

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