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Spencer is a hot young buck who is perfectly matched it seems with the horny, blowjob-loving Deanna.They're both just so into each other, the scene is full of passion and in fact I left a little more of the girl this time, just because the whole thing is so hot. This is a tape that my buddy Dink Flamingo sent over, and after I watched it I called him up to tell him I thought it was one of the hottest videos on here. Enjoy!
So I had this girl down for my buddies to fuck. And she got drunk, I mean drunk as fuck. And then one of my light fell over, so I had to have one of my bros hold a light up for me the whole time. the whole thing was fucking crazy. On the other hand, this video features four really hot marines trying to get in their turn on one girl. My buddy Trevor has a HUGE cock, and Nick Gunner's ain't small either. The guys take turns fucking her, with Gunner giving her an especially awesome pounding, damn son! You may want to turn down the volume some on this one though--she's a screamer :)
Hops is a favorite over at Active Duty, and it's not hard to see why. This is an old tape of Dink's from back in the day, when he and Hops found an eager young girl in a Wal-Mart and Hops fucks the shit out of her.
Smokey, Cabo and Danica continue the fun from Gangbang Part 1 the next morning, first fucking in the kitchen and then they take the action outside!
So I guess I've been shooting a lot of gangbangs recently. This one is a completely different one than the last one. One of my favorite buddies, Styx, and two more hot marine buddies came down to have a gangbang with two girls. The guys fuck the shit out of the girls in Part 1 if this hot 2 part video!
The action moves indoors to the poolhouse as Styx and Austin take turns on Danica, while Scorpius gets his cock sucked by Deanna!
A party at Dink Famingo's turns into a raging fuckfest!
This video was actually shot last year by Dink Flamingo of Active Duty. Zack and I were visiting Dink's pad in San Diego, and he had another guy there, Jack, who was cool as fuck. Dink was auditioning this girl for something else and let Zack and Jack have a go at her, and this is the result. It's weird for me to see this one, because although I was there for this taping, I was in the next room getting drunk with King the whole time.

Dink was pretty drunk too as I recall, which may be why there's no sound for this video. That's why I hadn't released this one yet, but upon review I realized the fucking was hot and you guys might want to check it out anyway!

In Part 2, Kent steps up to the plate and shows that he really knows what it takes to make his wife moan with pleasure. And so does she, starting with a hot sloppy blowjay guaranteed to make any man's day. She works his pole and balls for a good long time, before going to a 69 position they can both enjoy. She has a great snatch and he digs his tongue in deep as she continues her good work. He then fucks her hard in several positions, making her moan and squirm with incredible intensity. She really loves getting fucked by her man and it shows! She's a dirty girl though and even his dick in her ass isn't enough, he brings back the blue dong to fill both her holes...there's no mistaking how intense it is for her to get fucked like that. He finishes by blowing a huge load all over her face and she's in sperm heaven.
This video actually comes to you from Dink Flamingos Active Duty, and is one of the straight videos he shot long time ago, in this case with one of the guys from his famous video 'Platoon Party 2'. Turns out while he was, er, exploring his wild side, she was sitting in the next room watching porn. Now it's her turn to shine. In this video, she introduces her sexy self, and her favorite toys, which her man Kent loves to use on her. He eats her out, then fucks her in the cootch and the back door at the same time with a double-ended dong, before popping her ass wide open with a set of massive anal beads. Part One, so you know, is almost all about her, and she is a hot one!
Remember these two from Motel Fuck? Well they just spent the weekend together and we decide to go out into the desert to have a little fun. Unfortunately he gets the car stuck in some soft sand. Making the best of the situation, they decide to fuck right there where we've stopped on the hood of her car. We're out in the middle of nowhere and no one can see, even though way off in the distance you can still see the cars driving down the the end right when he's about to blow some dirtbiker come out of nowhere and they have to hide but he gets his bone back in no time and finished all over her tits!
My friend Kori is also a stripper, and she agreed to give 2 of my buddies Jock and Mater a lapdance that would lead to even more fun. Zack was there too with the hadycam, although he fucked it up (because he was fucked up) so I lost out on some good tape, and there's more of the girl in this one than usual. The video starts out in niteshot with the guys bullshitting in Kori's garage. Mater hadn't been laid in a while so he came right away, but Jock (as always) was a fucking powerhouse and fucked her for a good while more, eventually blowing a load on her hot tits.
Part two of this hot after-hours video has these two going at it in a bunch of new positions. It's late at night and the dude's been drinking, so he's lasting like forever. There are some great views of my bro in this vid. Unfortunately I ran out of tape right as he was cumming LOL.
Some friends of mine were just about to get busy when we had to leave due to roomate. We ended up at a local motel and then these two fucked for two hours.

Due to the sheer length of this fuck session I had to split it into two parts!

3 bros share a a girl on a quad in my buddy's back yard after a party
A few months back I had a series of parties for some buds of mine who were leaving for Iraq. They were given a long weekend, a 96, so named because they had 4 straight days — 96 hours —off. We partied hard every day and on the last day we wanted to see how far we could take it by having a naked party. My one regret is there's no other footage from this party. There were about 20 naked marines walking around with their cocks swinging

Naturally, by the end of he night people ended up fucking. Kori you've seen already, my buddy that's fucking her earned the knickname "Fuckmaster" from this session and you can see why. You can also see more of him at

Shane is one of the mosopular Active Duty models etc etc blah blah blah models Kaden, Levi and Payne all tag team Levi's girlfriend.

Apparently it's been her wish for some time to see her man Levi with another guy and she gets her wish in spades when hot muscled Kaden, an Active Duty favorite, goes down on him not once but twice.

My best friend Zack lived with me for a while, and for a time there he was fucking this hot girl almost every day. One day everyone was over at the pad chillin', and he got her to agree to fuck on video. She had said the he was the best she'd had and knowing Zack pretty well I wanted to see this for myself.

Although Zack is in his old uniform he's out of the USMC, she wanted to see him in it cuz uniforms make her horny. And it did, they fucked like animals on my couch, which is now broken. Oh well.

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Jock got married and while on leave for his honeymoon he and the new wife stayed at my house for a day or two on their way back from Vegas. They fucked constantly and I was lucky enough to get it one of their hot fuck sessions on tape.

It sucks to have to sleep on a futon on my floor on your honeymoon but if you're a broke marine it's better than the barracks, at least you can let your your beard grow and he does—as you can tell he's seriously out of regs and lovin it. They eloped on a whim, and sad to say it didn't last...obviously, as it's the same girl fucking my buddy Zack in this video, which was actually taped months after this one.

If you think Jock is hot, there's a bunch of footage of him hanging out naked with his bros like it's cool over at

When king and Kori were fucking Zack was taping the whole thing too with a little Handycam. The camera isn't as good and he's not quite the cameraman I am so the quality of this video isn't as high as mine, but he did manage to get a lot of great shots of King fucking from behind and I thought you might enjoy seeing his version of things.
I've known King for years, he's probably the most pussy-obsessed guy I know. He loves him some vagina. It's only natural that he would hook up with Kori at least for a little while, she's as hungry for cock as he is for snatch, and boy can he deliver.

This video starts out with him in his flight suit, fresh off from refueling helicopters all day.

Zack, Kori and I went to pick up Jock at the front gate one night so he could come back to my place and party. Kori is a devious vixen and although she loves a man in uniform she loves him even more out of it, and in short order had him out of his cammies and was blowing him as we drove down the road. Seeing a great opportunity, i told them that when we made it back to my place they could fuck on my couch, and both readily agreed. If you like Jock, you can also catch him on
The title of this video comes from the fact that Ricco and Kori fuck both in a pool and on a pool table. They start off playing a game of pool on a really hot, hot day. Pretty soon Ricco has an iea of how to get Kori's clothes off: play strip pool!

Once they're naked, the game itself loses interest for them and they decide to jump in the swimming pool waiting for them outside.

Cole has been an Active Duty model since practically the beginning. Add a bunch more text etc etc
Remember a few weeks ago when we met that girl Jessie at our hotel party in LA? Well it turns out she had just as good a time as we did. In fact, she really wanted to hang out with is again, so I invited her to take a roadtrip this time and to my surprise she said "Hell yeah!" What a cool chick.

When I woke up the next morning it tuned out Lee and Jessie had decided to sleep outdoors in the bed of his truck. Jessie starts Mike off right with a blowjob and you can just tell by the look on his face how awesome it is, you'll feel almost like you're getting a wet hummer yourself as you watch her mouth stretch around his huge cock and start bobbing up and dowm.

Unfortunately someone came by on a quad so we had to go inside, and finished fucking her on my dining room table.

This tape came about as a result of a little road trip some friends of mine and I took a while back. Basically we just wanted to go looking for some cheap pussy in LA, so one weekend we rented a suite at a hotel and piled in a van to have some fun and go looking for young girls to corrupt. Lee met us there a few beers into the party and pretty soon our hotel party was in full swing when Jessie came by.

Matt and Lee ended up fucking Jessie every which way, and luckily I had my shit with me and I got to tape it. Lee has a huge dick and Matt is a ripped fucker. Both of these guys really gave it to her hard but she loved every minute of it, especially when Lee takes her to a mindblowing orgasm in the bathroom.

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