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Behind-the-Scenes: Hotel Party

Hey guys, here's some new behind-the-scenes footage, courtesy of YouTube. These vids were taped before the video "Hotel Party". I was going through my old tapes and it turned out I had quite a bit of the "Party" part of that footage so I uploaded it. You'll have to click on the links because some guys in these videos might not want to be shown directly on this site and I respect that.

There's no nudity in these vids but there's a lot of shirtlessness and male bonding, plus you get to get a better feel for who these guys you're watching actually are, especially Jock who has been in several videos since then.

YOUTUBE: Introductions Part 1

This is the guys outside the room shooting the shit starting to down some beers and looking forward to partying that night (Part 1):

YOUTUBE: Introductions, Part 2

This is the guys outside the room shooting the shit (Part 2):

YOUTUBE: Shave that Shit!

This is a buddy of mine trying to convince one of his best buddies that he needs to shave his junk, or at lest keep it well trimmed. He makes a fair case! They almost come to blows over it though, which is pretty funny.

YOUTUBE: Fightin' Words

Same two guys but much later in the evening, after we've all gone to the club and come back (these two weren't in the video because they got too drunk to hang with is at the hotel and got sent to the club early). Some of the other guys are in the next room getting busy and these two want to toss in a sex doll for laffs but get to arguing over how to do it. If they weren't so cute I wouldn't have put up with it but...

More to come...

Posted: 2009-07-16 at 18:35:16
Behind-the-Scenes: Hotel Party
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