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Hey guys, just thought I'd share with you a couple pics from the next Semper Fuck video, "Naked Party", featuring a bro of mine I affectionately call "Fuckmaster".

This was taped at a party we had for some of my boys who were going over to Iraq. The guys I thought had bought it over there but turned out to be fine was from this same group of bros. They left maybe 3 days after this, and are still over there now (obviously) right now.

Now a lot of my parties just naturally ended up with naked people running around and getting laid in various corners of my house, but this was the first one we actually advertisied as a Naked Party.

This is why Fuckmaster has writing all over him...we all got written on. Cuz we were naked. I'm naked when I'm taping this. It was awesome.

Anyway, this video will be done and online soon. This is when Fuckmaster actually earned that nickname, and you'll see why.

Posted: 2009-05-12 at 21:12:17
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