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SemperFuck Marine!

So, I can hardly believe it myself but this site is about to launch.

The name was first suggested to me maybe about 3 years ago by a marine from the base here. He found out that I was a porn producer and he was like, "I've got the best name for a I agreed, it was the perfect name. but it wasn't mine, so I say on it.

And sat on it, and sat on it, for years.

About July of last year I decided to check to see if the name was still available. Incredibly, for such an awesome name, it was. And I felt like enough time had passed that I wasn't really stealing this guy's idea. After 3 years, it's amazing someone else hadn't taken it.

Posted: 2009-03-26 at 00:39:49
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SemperFuck Marine!
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