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Behind-the-Scenes: Hotel Party

Hey guys, here's some new behind-the-scenes footage, courtesy of YouTube. These vids were taped before the video "Hotel Party". I was going through my old tapes and it turned out I had quite a bit of the "Party" part of that footage so I uploaded it. You'll have to click on the links because some guys in these videos might not want to be shown directly on this site and I respect that.

There's no nudity in these vids but there's a lot of shirtlessness and male bonding, plus you get to get a better feel for who these guys you're watching actually are, especially Jock who has been in several videos since then.

YOUTUBE: Introductions Part 1

This is the guys outside the room shooting the shit starting to down some beers and looking forward to partying that night (Part 1):

YOUTUBE: Introductions, Part 2

This is the guys outside the room shooting the shit (Part 2):

YOUTUBE: Shave that Shit!

This is a buddy of mine trying to convince one of his best buddies that he needs to shave his junk, or at lest keep it well trimmed. He makes a fair case! They almost come to blows over it though, which is pretty funny.

YOUTUBE: Fightin' Words

Same two guys but much later in the evening, after we've all gone to the club and come back (these two weren't in the video because they got too drunk to hang with is at the hotel and got sent to the club early). Some of the other guys are in the next room getting busy and these two want to toss in a sex doll for laffs but get to arguing over how to do it. If they weren't so cute I wouldn't have put up with it but...

More to come...

SemperFuck behind the scenes

I make a big deal about the fact that my videos are for the most part taped 'live' and 'in the moment'. Like the Naked Party, that actually happened of it's own accord...all of a sudden people were fucking on my bed. That's why I carry a video camera around and tape a lot of the shit that goes on here at the house. You just never know what's going to happen.

So I was going through my tapes the other day, and I found a bunch of this extra footage. It thought it might be something you guys would like to see, because it gives a little glimpse of what life's like here for my buddies and me. In fact, most of these videos were shot on a day that eventually turned into the video Office Fuck, so you can see directly how a video like that comes about.

However I didn't want to put these videos up on SemperFuck because I didn't want to put them on a porn site without there permission, and there's some random people in these videos who honestly I don't even know who they are other than maybe a first name. That would just be rude. So I put them on YouTube where about a billion more people can see them if that makes any sense, but it's cool because the people in these videos just assumed it would end up on YouTube anyway so I don't feel weird about it.

For that same reason I'm not going to embed the video, because that would be the same as just putting the video on the site. It's just one extra click, you'll live LOL.

BTW, the ones that are in B+W it's because they were shot with Nite Vision. Kind of appropriate for marines anyway, don't you think?

YOUTUBE: Marine buddies shooting off rounds

This and the four videos that follow are all from the chill day that turned into Office Fuck.

A bunch of my buddies came over, armed to the teeth and loaded for destruction. I don't know firearms all that well (except for my beloved Mossburg shotgun which features prominently in this video), I just know we had a lot of them and a bunch of really cool rounds to go in them. We went out to an area of open desert and opened fire. Our friend Kori was there too, and although I don't show it in this video she was posing topless for us with 2 9mm pistols across her chest Charlie's Angels style.

BTW yes I know the way we're shooting is totally and completely unsafe. These guys are professionals who shoot guns all day long...I wasn't worried at the time but I'm horrified now.

YOUTUBE: On the Porch 1

Same guys, now on the porch of my house getting drunk and having a good time. Nothing amazing in this video, just a bunch of guys (including Zack) drinking beers and looking through my porn collection. they're funny guys though.

YOUTUBE: On the Porch 2

More drinking, more shirts come off. The guys play with the shotgun, as in, they do shit like put it between their legs and pretend like they're jerking it off. And then they shotgun their beers and they all get beer sprayed on them. At the very end one of my buddies drops trou, unfortunately I have to censor the sausage for YouTube.

YOUTUBE: On the Porch 3

This one starts of with some beerbonging. I used to have two beerbongs, a single and a double that two people could bong at onc. Both disintegrated from overuse if that tells you anything.

On of my buddies spies a mouse and tries to blow it away with the shotgun, which is probably not smart in retrospect but was funny as hell at the time.

YOUTUBE: On the Porch 4

And in this one you can see how it leads right into Office Fuck. Basically it gets too crazy outside and I follow my two friends inside back to my office where the air conditioner is on (you can't tell in the vid but it's hot outside which is why everyones' shirts come off). His jeans are all wet from getting sprayed with beer out on the porch so she manages to talk him out if them, and a hot fuck session ensues. Now you know how it all came to be.

YOUTUBE: Next to the Last Party

This video features several buddies you've seen in SeperFuck videos already, including Zack, and Fuckmaster. Right before my bros went over to Iraq I had a whole series of parties for them spread over two crazy weekends. The Naked Party was similar to this but was the weekend before. Zack and another one of my buddies did drop trou and play beer pong naked, and then Zack continued to just walk around with his cock out the rest of the night. Unfortunately there's too many other people in the video for me to ever release that.

YOUTUBE: Last Party at Joes

And this video is from the very last party we had, before I put these guys on a bus and they flew off to Iraq. You'll notice that by the time this video ends most of the guys are shirtless and I'm in my boxers. Alcohol is just amazing that way.

You should watch the beginning of this video if for no other reason my bros tell me what they think of me.

Coming Soon on Semper Fuck

Hey guys, just thought I'd share with you a couple pics from the next Semper Fuck video, "Naked Party", featuring a bro of mine I affectionately call "Fuckmaster".

This was taped at a party we had for some of my boys who were going over to Iraq. The guys I thought had bought it over there but turned out to be fine was from this same group of bros. They left maybe 3 days after this, and are still over there now (obviously) right now.

Now a lot of my parties just naturally ended up with naked people running around and getting laid in various corners of my house, but this was the first one we actually advertisied as a Naked Party.

This is why Fuckmaster has writing all over him...we all got written on. Cuz we were naked. I'm naked when I'm taping this. It was awesome.

Anyway, this video will be done and online soon. This is when Fuckmaster actually earned that nickname, and you'll see why.

SemperFuck Marine!

So, I can hardly believe it myself but this site is about to launch.

The name was first suggested to me maybe about 3 years ago by a marine from the base here. He found out that I was a porn producer and he was like, "I've got the best name for a I agreed, it was the perfect name. but it wasn't mine, so I say on it.

And sat on it, and sat on it, for years.

About July of last year I decided to check to see if the name was still available. Incredibly, for such an awesome name, it was. And I felt like enough time had passed that I wasn't really stealing this guy's idea. After 3 years, it's amazing someone else hadn't taken it.

WTF Marine?!

A buddy of mine was over hanging out the other day, and he showed me this collection of awesome YouTube videos.

These scenes are all too familiar to any marine.

The best part of the last one is: "I rate this shit! I rate this shit and you don't!" I hear that like every day LOL.

Behind-the-Scenes: Hotel Party
SemperFuck behind the scenes
Coming Soon on Semper Fuck
SemperFuck Marine!
WTF Marine?!

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